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Constantine, Acting Teacher to the Little Stars!

By Jeff Folschinsky

Yes, of course I’m familiar with the family, but more importantly I’m familiar with the talents of their young daughter Maggie. Whom I was honored with the tasked of mentoring, as she started her journey into the world of the theatrical arts, here at Lincoln Elementary.

It was a pity about the family’s disappearance, because I had young Maggie in mind for the key role in my theatrical re-interpretation of that lovable song, Jimmy Crack Corn. Where our hero Jimmy takes an epic journey and finds out at the end he indeed does care that he cracked that corn. Also he finds out that he’s really a woman living in a man’s body, well at least he did for the first couple of shows. Until that cruel pack of jackal’s known as the PTA forced me to change it.

It really was too bad though, little Maggie would have killed in that part, but alas it was just not meant to be. Such a pity, because she was such a rare talent and as it turned out, we had several high school drama teachers’ from the local arts magnet school at those initial performances. Who knows where her acting career might have ended up if things turned out differently?

It makes me wonder if she and her family didn’t run into a little foul play. The theatrical arts are a noble profession but can be quite cruel at times. Competition for leading roles can be somewhat medieval when the children are trying out for parts, and the parents are worse than the children at times. Why I once had a young mother that shall remain nameless offer to do a certain act backstage so her daughter would get the leading role in our Thanksgiving Day pageant. I accepted the offer of course but only gave her atrocious looking daughter the part of pilgrim number three. I figured the earlier these people find out how cruel this profession can truly be the better for everyone. After all, it should be an educational experience for the parents too. Plus, I never play favorites, or at least I try not to.

With little Maggie though it was different. Everybody could see she had leading lady written all over her, especially me. I couldn’t help but show her a little extra attention to polish that diamond in the rough, that was her emerging talent.

I could sense the jealousy with the other students and their parents though, but never in my wildest dream would I imagined that the parents of this fair community capable of harming that beautiful family. That’s the type of behavior I would only expect from the sports boosters and debate club, but then again, you never can tell with some people.

I mean, I obviously don’t know what happened to the them but I’ve seen people do crazy things in the name of their children. For example if my backstage could talk I would be in some serious trouble with a lot of the husbands around here.

But seriously, I’m sure there’s a logical explanation for what happened to them. Hopefully it will be something like a surprise vacation that they took. I say that for purely selfish reasons. I’m in the middle of trying to put together my new season and the pickings are rather slim in the talent department. Nothing would please me more than to find little Maggie’s star studded smile waiting for me in my class room next semester.

You never know, stranger things have happened in this business that we call show.


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