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Madam Lydia (Part 4)

By Jeff Folschinsky

Madam Lydia, as played by the very talented Taylor Ashbrook.

MADAM LYDIA is walking across the stage talking to herself.

Great spirits from beyond, can you hear me calling? No? Well, if you’re there, I just wanted you to know that I’m not mad anymore. Not that you care, I just wanted you to know what ever is going on, we’re good. I’m sure you have your reasons. I guess we all have our reasons for wanting to disappear. Lord knows, I do.

(Notices that the reporter has found her)

Oh, you caught up with me did ya? Sorry, I know it’s highly unprofessional to just leave like that, not to mention it’s rude, but I just had to get out of there. You have to understand, I’ve never had this problem before. This is what those men who all of the sudden develop impotency must feel like. All raring to go, only to find out something isn’t quite working. By something, I mean penis. Sorry, didn’t mean to offend, but you were looking at me kind of strange. I didn’t know if you needed me to spell it all out for you.

Every time I try to hear something it’s so quiet, it’s kind of scary. This is what it must feel like to be normal. I’ve never really had a reliable reference for that so I don’t know if that’s an accurate assumption but I know I don’t like it. All alone with nothing but your own thoughts. How does everyone get through the day?

I guess this is what they mean by the silence was deafening. Which is a curious statement because you would think that silence would have the complete opposite effect. I mean you always hear about all of those new age religions that teach about meditation. Talking about clearing your mind and hearing nothing but silence. Kind of a scary thought, don’t you think? I mean if you hear nothing but silence and you’re not thinking about anything, then how do you even know you’re alive?

Sorry, I’m rambling aren’t I? This whole thing has got me a little rattled, and I tend to ramble on when that happens. And truth be told, I’ve been rambling a lot lately. The spirits haven’t just now stopped talking to me. They’ve been getting harder to hear for some time now.

At first it was just something that happened occasionally, but as time went on it’s been getting increasingly harder to hear them at all. Then finally today, nothing at all.

Do you want to hear a disturbing thought? I keep thinking, maybe we’re the ones that are really dead and what I thought were the spirits are the ones that are still alive. We’re trapped in some sort of purgatory waiting to move on, only we don’t because we still think we’re alive, and the voices are just echo’s from a life that doesn’t exist anymore. Maybe that’s why it’s so silent, because the echo’s have finally faded, and there’s nothing left to hear.

I mean, I don’t know who the Johnson’s are and I don’t really care to be honest with you. But maybe they didn’t disappear at all, we did. They’re still in the land of the living and the people we thought were the Johnson’s were just memories that have finally faded away.

I guess it really doesn’t matter. It’s just, if them disappearing is a sign from the great beyond trying to clue us in. Then I have to say, it’s a really odd one. I mean, I’ll admit that I suck at picking up subtle hints but this seems a little too subtle. It would seem to me they would want to make something that important a little more obvious. I mean, shouldn’t there be a brilliant light that we should walk towards? Then again, maybe that’s just a story we tell ourselves to make the thought of moving on to the next life a little less scary. Maybe this is the real reality of what the afterlife is like. Just going through the day, trying to make sense of things, one step at a time. Maybe that’s the point though? We’re suppose to figure out things before we can move on. What those things are, I couldn’t tell you. Maybe that’s why I’m still here talking to you. Of course if you’re still here, then it means you’re in the same boat as me. Sorry, don’t pay any attention to me. Like I said before, I’m just rambling.

Hey, if you’re going back in, can you do me a favor? Can you tell everyone I’m done for today. No sense in wasting anymore of their time. I think it’s obviously I’m not going to get in contact with anyone today. Don’t worry about me, I just think I’m going to take a walk. Nice night tonight and maybe I can figure this all out. If not, I’ll just go home and make myself a nice cup of cocoa. I find everything is better after cocoa.

(She takes out a pack of cigarettes.)

I know I shouldn’t but after this day I-

(Opens her pack of cigarettes and notices that they’re empty.)

Well if that doesn’t beat all.

(Looks up to the sky.)

I really hope all of this wasn’t just your way of telling me I need to quit?

(Throws the pack away.)

Spirit, always with the subtle hints. Well, hopefully I’ll see you around, and if not it was nice to meet you. You have yourself a good night, you hear

(LYDIA walks off the stage singing “Walking after Midnight.)

I go out walking, after midnight. Out in the moonlight, like we used to do. I’m always walking, after midnight, searching for you.


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