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Spongy Wude

This is a great short fiction by a friend of mine Chelsea Sutton.

Eclectic Voices

1681855-poster-1280-fight-clubby Chelsea Sutton

Bruce Lee is crying into Kevin’s shoulder.

Which is itself an oddity, what with the martial arts legend being dead and all, and there being absolutely no reason a man of that stature would weep into the soiled Superman t-shirt of a pock-marked seventeen-year-old boy. But this particular Bruce Lee has just experienced a rather jolting car accident as well as the rather jolting realization that he is, indeed, made out of a sponge.

All Kevin can think about in this moment is the invasive stench of his boss, Herman.

The sweat glands in Herman’s skin are of a particularly devoted and overworked breed. When Kevin first met him, he thought, perhaps, that Herman had only just come back from the gym, that, maybe, he had just started a regimen of exercise that would pick away at the one hundred and fifty pounds of excess fat that…

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