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A Moment For Horror

Very good article in the latest edition of Eclectic Voices (Halloween Edition) by my friend and co-coordinator Chelsea Sutton.

Eclectic Voices

a screamPart of the Eclectic Voices Halloween Edition
A thought from Eclectic Voices Coordinator Chelsea Sutton

I took a class once on horror films (Yes…I took many odd classes in college.  Money well spent.)  We spent a lot of time watching clips from Texas Chainsaw Massacre and analyzing the Scream franchise, and even though the whole thing wasn’t quite as shocking or gruesome as what comes up when you do a Google search of “morgue” (I mean, Jesus, that might have been a mistake to do on my work computer), I came away with a solid understanding of how the horror genre plays out in our lives.

(Side Note: the horror film class was taught within the German Department…for unexplained reasons.)

Even if you don’t enjoy horror, you should not disregard the genre entirely (over-used tropes of nearly-naked blondes running from masked murders notwithstanding).  Horror reflects society and the…

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