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A Family Affair

Cool short(ish) story by my friend Ken Patton. That he wrote for Eclectic Voices.

Eclectic Voices

stockvault-ghost-sketch110483Part of the Eclectic Voices Halloween Edition
by Ken Patton

As the fire roared deep, warm and bright, Benedict sits as close as he can stand it, marveling at how warm his toes are in their slippers. Hearing a contented sigh, he looks down at the cooing toddler snuggled warmly in his arms, fast asleep. Noticing a flicker at his ear, he brushes away an insistent fly that keeps buzzing around his head. Waving his hand a couple of times, the fly loses interest, and flies away. Looking around the room, he notices that one of the windows is open. Looking at it for a moment, it slowly closes shut. Hearing a creak from the other direction, Benedict looks over just in time to see his father head towards his bedroom. Hearing his father’s door close, Benedict turns his attention once again to his slumbering daughter, though the allure of…

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