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The Second Half

A very funny halloween themed monologue that my friend Mark Bate Wrote for Eclectic Voices.

Eclectic Voices

stake-in-the-heartPart of the Eclectic Voices Halloween Edition
a monologue by Mark Bate

Coach: Alright… I’m only gonna to say this one… more… time. Vampires are not, I re-peat, NOT invincible. Occasionally invisible. But not, again, NOT invincible. I don’t have tell you guys it’s Halloween. H-A-double-L-WEEN. And I sure as fire don’t think I have to tell you guys we’re gettin our butts kicked out there. They are really stickin it to us. Speakin a which, Bobby, your offense is pa-thetic. Stick. Heart. Stab. It’s a pretty dag gum simple concept. Get it done. Joey, I don’t know what you’re grinnin about. That stunt with the cross just ain’t going to fly. Get that cross up high and let God do the work. You’re makin it to hard by half. Get it together. And don’t get the idea it’s all on the offense. Our defense is about as piss-poor. We…

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