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Great Review from Midwest Book Review for “Tales From Little Lump”

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D. Donovan, eBook Reviewer, Midwest Book Reviewmbr

Tales From Little Lump – Alien Season

Jeff Folschinsky

ASIN: B00FJIEID8            $.99

Tales From Little Lump – Alien Season isn’t your usual end-of-the-world series: indeed it reads like a Christopher Moore novel, with a healthy dose of hilarious improbability to keep its scenarios fast-paced and unexpected. 

When aliens show up in Little Lump, Texas, it’s up to Gertie (and the customers of Aunt Gertie’s Gas ‘n Sip) to bring ’em down with what artillery and chutzpah they can muster.

Now, we’re not talking about a big town packed with gunslingers, here. In fact, Little Lump’s got only a hundred folk in residence – if that. But they’re not about to take anything lying down (including alien invasions) and when you size up the characters, it’s to find they all, like Gertie, have enough stubbornness – and artillery – to keep any alien force at bay.

The humor begins on Page 1, when Aunt Gertie reluctantly answers an annoyingly-ringing payphone, hangs up on Fred three times, and must reluctantly accept the fact that aliens are actually on their way to Little Lump Texas, compliments of coordinates thoughtfully provided by the U.S. government and intercepted via the radio magic of Gene Kelly, the local DJ.

Now, Gene isn’t the only funny name in town: there’s Gertie’s brother Pie, for example. And Gertie’s more than a bit reluctant to accept the obvious: that there are aliens in town. For one thing – why would aliens choose to invade a tiny town with nothing going for it? The answer seems clear (“When conquering territory, you start with the weaker towns and work your way out to the bigger ones, and that’s what they’re doing here.”) and Gertie’s response is equally decided: “…If I didn’t roll over for the metric system, I most certainly will not roll over for planetary enslavement.”

Only in Texas, right?

Things get even more complicated when, amid the gunfire, an agent is sent to town to investigate, is nabbed by the locals who suspect him of being an alien, and discovers that the townspeople are harboring an alien hostage in the shed.  With a peppering of hearty ‘God rest his soul’ reflections Gertie leads the agent to the alien ambassador who has become her ‘involuntary guest’ out in the back shed that used to be the domain of her husband (God rest his soul).

Held hostage by extension cords promising some manner of deadly power, Saturday Night Specials that can be used “any day of the week”, and threats all the way ’round, aliens have more than invasion on the mind as they face off a small town with power (and firepower) to start an intergalactic incident. 

Tales From Little Lump – Alien Season is a top recommendation for Christopher Moore fans especially, and for any who enjoy a healthy blend of humor ala a dose of small town Texas psyche blending with science fiction. Its easily one of the most original, inviting reads seen in a long time and is very highly recommended for any who love unique writing and humor that just doesn’t quit.


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Tales From Little Lump – Alien Season

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