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Rich Borowy
Week of January 20th, 2014
Vol. 19-No. 3  ——————————————————————————————————————————————–
     The Eclectic Company Theater presents WE’RE NO HEROES, a production of nine sets of single person monologues that speak about a number of particular subjects.

Nine separate performers appear speaking upon a few topics, such as a writer who becomes distracted due to writer’s block, a post modern vampire explains the low down on some of the misimpressions on the titled subject, a baby boomer woman living in a resort community in a coastal Mexico town, a woman on the tribulations of working late nights at a fast food joint, a marginally successful Satanist at his craft, and other motifs that make up this unique series of mini-plays.

A cast of these nine performers tally toward this presentation, featuring (as listed in the order of appearance): Paul Duffy, Ann Simmons, Sean M. Kozma, Carolyn Wilson, Fuz Edwards, Tyler Tanner, Taylor Ashbrook, Jonathon Trent, and Sarah Allyn Baur, speak the words as written by (again, in their appearing order), Mark Bate, Taylor Ashbrook, Tyler Tanner, Laura Lee Bahr, Ken Patton, Jeff Folschinsky, Niki Blumberg, Sean M. Kozma, and Chelsea Sutton.

This showcase comes from the writing talents belonging to the Eclectic Voices group, consisting of those that desire to write stage pieces that are new and unmatched, bringing such skills into the art of spoken word works.
     The show’s visuals here are basic; few props with no backgrounds to speak of. It’s the voices and performers that are its real stars. It’s a genuine “less is more” stage piece, with a heavy emphasis on the “more”. It’s for those that prefer their theater simple and served in bite size morsels, as this preference will do its trick in fullness.
     WE’RE NO HEROES, presented by Eclectic Voices, and performs at the Eclectic Company Theatre, 5312 Laurel Canyon Blvd, Valley Village, until January 25th. Showtimes are Friday and Saturday nights at 9:00 PM. For reservations and information, call (818) 508-3003
Visit Eclectic Voices at http://www.EclecticVoices.org
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