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It Simply Was…

A monologue that I wrote is in the latest addition of Eclectic Voices.

Eclectic Voices

Sean Kozma performing "It Simply Was..." Sean Kozma performing “It Simply Was…”

a monologue by Jeff Folschinsky

Wedding Guest
“Why don’t we just fuck, and get it out of our system.” I just stood there shocked on how seamlessly that phrase just popped out of my mouth that night. I mean, I guess it had been building up for awhile, but somehow saying it out loud, suggesting that we did something about this tension that had been building up between us. Putting it out there in the physical world just seemed unreal. Like a line that had been crossed, but you didn’t know if crossing that line was a good or bad thing. It just simply was— Well, that’s the thing, it just was. There were simply no words for it. It was like slapping someone in the face and challenging them to a duel, and there’s that tense moment afterwards when you’re not sure what…

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