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New Life

transparent_eggThe factory seemed like a perfect place. It had been abandoned many years ago, when building cars became more cost effective to do overseas. Aside from the occasional teenager showing up looking to get drunk, among others things, it remained pretty much devoid of any kind of life. That would change soon enough.

Another contraction came, they were coming faster than they were before. Jane put her bag down as carefully as she could, considering the pain she was under. She looked around and found an old mattress obviously left by someone who once called this place home. She worried for a moment that this old building might not be as abandoned as she first thought. She couldn’t worry about that at the moment though, because it was coming. By now she had learned to read the signs. It was coming and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

She grabbed onto the old rusty steel column that the mattress was leaning up against and held herself over it in a squatting position. She learned through trial and error than she could’t sit or lay down when it happened. The pain was too much and through no fault of her own she would end up damaging it when it came out. Squatting the way she was, although hard and extremely uncomfortable was the only way it remained unharmed. She also found holding onto something, gave her a place to focus her pain as it happened.

She positioned herself so her skirt was out of the way as much as possible. She didn’t have to worry about undergarments as she had given up on them a long time ago. Her situation had made them completely impractical. Not fully understanding when or how it happened she found convenience won out over modesty.

The final contraction hit her. She knew it was coming because for a brief moment, the pain left her and all things became silent. Like time itself stopped and took a breath. Then as quickly as it stopped it came back. Hitting her, causing every part of her body to tense up, and then push, finally releasing what her body had been creating.

Jane held her position for a few moments. Every time this happened it was as if a little part of her was leaving her body. Almost as if she died a little each time, and as much as she prepared, it never got any easier.

She finally let go of the steel column and carefully moved back. Tears ran down her eyes as she saw the fruits of her labor. A perfect egg, just like all the others.

She carefully laid down beside it, trying to recover from her ordeal. After so many times she had perfected her technique, that serviced both her and the new life she had brought into this world. She carefully laid around it making a ‘U’ shape. Allowing her to let her body recover and providing much needed heat for the thing she had brought into the world.

She never like to think of them as things, but she quite honestly had no idea what they were. As of yet, none of them had hatched and she didn’t know what was inside of them. She did however know they were alive. The warmth that pulsated like a heartbeat were clear signs of this. Although it took her awhile to come to terms with this fact.

In the beginning when this first started happening she would simply destroy them, trying to hide what was happening to her. Every time she did this though, it was as if a part of her was disappearing. As if a hole developed in her that felt as if it never went away.

When she finally took the time to investigate them, and felt the life that was forming inside the protective shell that had come out of her. It was only then that she truly felt the weight of what she’s had done. The needless loss of life perpetrated by her own hands. All for the sake of preserving the vanity of a normal life that now seemed meaningless. The guilt was almost too much for her to take.

Her atonement as she thought of it. Was to leave this meaningless life she had once thought of as so sacred, and try to preserve as much of these creations of her’s as possible. Leaving her home, knowing she couldn’t keep her situation secret forever. Fearing if anyone ever found out about her and her eggs, it would surely come to no good. So she left trying to preserve as much life as possible. Not always being successful as tonight though. Many failed births have happened on her journey and she has mourned every one of them.

Tonight though was a success, and she took pride in her accomplishment. Smiling as she got closer to the new life she created. Putting her hand over it and feeling the chaotic sound and rhythm of new life forming inside.

Carefully she reached out and brought her bag over. Slowly taking out her previous successes. Eleven to date, this new one making an even dozen. She smiled thinking this was appropriate as she carefully laid them all next to each other, so they could welcome the new addition to their family.

Family; the word sounded nice to her. The thought that one day the life forming inside would one day come out of it’s shell, and she would be there to welcome them all.

It was a thought that comforted her as she fell asleep. Happily surrounded by her children.


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  1. Brenda Lee
    November 25, 2014 at 11:04 am

    Oh my gosh, LOVE this!

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