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The Day of Christmas

Here is a little holiday fun that I wrote appearing in the latest issue of Eclectic Voices.

Eclectic Voices

Gift isolated on a white.a poem by Jeff Folschinsky

Part of the December writing challenge: It’s Christmas morning.  As you open your first gift, you are transported to an alternate- universe holiday celebration, in which you are in an extreme position of power.  WRITE ABOUT IT.

It was the day of Christmas, and right down the hall.
There was a big ass present, for me, or for all.

I carefully inspected it with the upmost care.
With hopes I could open it, I might anyway if I dare.

No tags did I find, or markings of any kind.
To tell me whose present in my house I did find.

So I open the wrapping to see what was hid.
To discover its secrets hidden under the lid.

And what to my wondering eyes did I find,
But a bright shiny vortex that just blew my mind.

Not a second did I have to think…

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