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The Sparrow and the Raven

My buddy’s Mark Bate, Tyler Tanner and Myself wrote Grimm Style fairy tales for the latest edition for Eclectic Voices Literary Journal. Enjoy!

Eclectic Voices

black crow portrait close up at the raptor center

May Writing Challenge: Take life lesson that you’ve learned in your Adult Life and turn it into a Grim Style Fairly Tale.

By Jeff Folschinsky

The sparrow watched the raven flying high above her nest. His slender and strong body excited her as she awaited for his return. At long last she would have what she wanted. She had paid the price willingly, and now it was time to have what was due to her.

She prepared herself in the same manner in which caught the raven’s eye many months before, and waited. Waited for the object of her affection to appear, and appear he did. Entering her nest in the same magnificent fashion he always did. Wings spread wide, his body practically blocking out the sun as he approached, his shadowy figure slowly fluttering down towards her.

She had prepared a meal for him. The same meal demanded of her…

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