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The Ticking Of My Heart

Eclectic Voices

Old clock close up view

Part of the Halloween Issue 2015

By Jeff Folschinsky 

She could hear the ticking of the pocket watch. Like the unending heartbeat, it’s gears moved along, pulsating with life. Life that its owner no longer had. Life that the woman holding it had taken. A moment of insanity on her part, one she would forever regret. At the time though, she felt that she hadn’t had a choice. Like a part in a play she were merely acting out. A play she was attempting to now write as she sat in front of her keyboard.

Everything seemed like a dream though, and she couldn’t concentrate. She just sat in front of the computer and stared at the blank screen. Rubbing her thumb seductively over the front of the pocket watch. Every once in awhile clicking the button, so the front of it would open up. Only to close it again…

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