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BROKEN by Jeff Folschinsky SETTING: Inside a cemetery next to a single tombstone. There is a bench located next to a grave. AT RISE: It’s a cool fall afternoon. JEANNIE enters, in her late forties. The years have not been kind to her. She slowly approaches the grave, stopping for a moment, taking her hat […]

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A Murder Scene

December 1, 2016 Leave a comment

Short play I wrote is in the latest issue of Eclectic Voices Literary Journal. Good for giggle.

Eclectic Voices

crime-268902_1920A Murder Scene
by Jeff Folschinsky 


Henry, what are we doing here?


Investigating what?

What do you mean,? A murder of course.

Whose murder?

Why Johansson’s of course.

Who’s Johansson?

The guy that was murdered. He said he wanted to give me some information. When I
showed up, he was dead.

How do you know he was dead?

Because he’s lying over there dead, that’s how. Are you blind?

Henry, I don’t see anything.

Are you telling me, you don’t see a dead body that’s has been clearly beat to death with a
children’s Bop it, Flip it, Twist it toy?

No, and how do you know what the murder weapon is?

Because it’s sticking out of his mouth for crying out loud.

Henry, there’s no one…

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100 Word Story Challenge: Prophecy, Doom, & Betrayal

March 14, 2016 Leave a comment

For at least one person in history, the 15th of March turned out to be an inauspicious day. For this month’s blog challenge, write a 100-word story on prophecy, doom, betrayal, or assassination. __________________________________________ The Pagan and the Goddess who Loved Him by Jeff Folschinsky Anna Perenna’s last worshipper was dying, and the Roman deity’s […]

One Minute Play Challenge: Valentines

March 14, 2016 Leave a comment

One Minute Play Challenge: Write a play with a Beginning, Middle and End that all happens in One Minute. Theme: Since next month is February the Theme will be Valentine’s Day. Doesn’t have to be a love story, it just has to fit Valentine’s Day in somehow. ___________________________________ COMPANIONSHIP by Jeff Folschinsky LOCATION: The Living Room of […]

Musings of a Drunken @#$hole #3

November 27, 2015 1 comment

FedoraI wonder; when exactly did we all become fearful of the fedora? Did the hipsters and the too-cool-for-schoolers get together and pass a mandate against it?

Did the seemingly superior fashion sense of our gay and ethnic counterparts being able to “Pull Off The Look” better, intimidate us and make us decided to abandon it?

I mean I wear mine not as a fashion statement, or as some poor pathetic attempt at raging against societal norms. No, I wear mine simply because its comfortable. It fits perfectly on my head, and does everything that a hat ought to do. Keeps the hair out of my face, and the sweat from my eyes.

A friend of mine attempted to theorize that it’s just plain old fashion, and doesn’t say anything about who we are now. I think about this theory as I look around the room and see a sea of baseball caps, and can’t help but wonder. What a cap turned backwards on the head of some drunken slob sitting next to me is trying to say, sporting a cap of a team he clearly doesn’t possess the athletic prowess play for.

Longing, perhaps?

Is that why the fedora is feared so? Not because it evokes longing of something we might  not ever have, but something we did have once; and lost.

Innocence, perhaps?

Maybe that’s why people look at me so strangely when I walk down the street. My hat reminds them of a more innocent time. A time when they had hopes and dreams, and anything was possible. Before compromise made it’s way into their life.

Compromises they made based on fear. Fear of what was or wasn’t thought about them, and why they even gave a crap to begin with.

Maybe that’s it, maybe that’s why the Fedora is feared so.

I’m not sure, but deep thoughts like this deserves another drink; don’t you think?

The Sparrow and the Raven

My buddy’s Mark Bate, Tyler Tanner and Myself wrote Grimm Style fairy tales for the latest edition for Eclectic Voices Literary Journal. Enjoy!

Eclectic Voices

black crow portrait close up at the raptor center

May Writing Challenge: Take life lesson that you’ve learned in your Adult Life and turn it into a Grim Style Fairly Tale.

By Jeff Folschinsky

The sparrow watched the raven flying high above her nest. His slender and strong body excited her as she awaited for his return. At long last she would have what she wanted. She had paid the price willingly, and now it was time to have what was due to her.

She prepared herself in the same manner in which caught the raven’s eye many months before, and waited. Waited for the object of her affection to appear, and appear he did. Entering her nest in the same magnificent fashion he always did. Wings spread wide, his body practically blocking out the sun as he approached, his shadowy figure slowly fluttering down towards her.

She had prepared a meal for him. The same meal demanded of her…

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San Francisco Book Review gave Tales From Little Lump 4 out of 5 Stars

March 13, 2015 Leave a comment



tales_from_little_lump_night_of_the_undead_snow_monkeysBy Jeff Folschinsky
CreateSpace, $0.99, 78 pages, Format: eBooks

4 Stars (4 / 5)Gertie is having a really bad day. Granted, it is partially her fault—she really shouldn’t have shot down those alien spacecraft, but how was she supposed to know they’d leak at toxic gas at the crash site? And was it her fault that the gas just happened to reanimate the snow monkeys killed by the crash? Really it isn’t fair that the monkeys won’t stop trying to eat her and Cousin Tommy. It doesn’t matter where in Little Lump Gertie and Cousin Tommy bunker down, the monkeys stay in hot pursuit. The monkeys follow them to the Domino Hall, where the pair get evicted for cheating. The monkeys tail them to the old Lignite mines, where Gertie forces her way into the Smigglys’ bunker by faking a heart attack. What do those persistent monkeys want? How can Gertie and Cousin Tommy rid Little Lump of the monkey menace?

Gertie is an entertaining narrator. A Texan lady of a certain age, Gertie has faith in her gun collection, including her holy rocket launcher, to keep her safe from any menace. If only she’d stocked up on more ammo. She’s sassy, bossy, undeterred by obstacles, and a hilarious commentator on the strange happenings in Little Lump. This short novel is the second in the series, Tales from Little Lump, and picks up immediately after the events in the first installment, Alien Season. It won’t be winning any literary awards, but it is diverting and, at times, laugh-out-loud funny. I particularly enjoyed the scene in the Domino Hall where, “if you don’t play, you don’t stay.” Nothing deters the old timers from their game, not even the repeated entreaties for help outside the door or the undead snow monkeys ripping out the air conditioner. If you’re looking for fun escape from a humdrum day, Night of the Undead Snow Monkeys is the book for you.

Reviewed by Tammy McCartney

Tales From Little Lump – Night of the Undead Snow Monkeys available at Amazon.