Plays by Jeff Folschinsky

THE LEGEND OF LITTLE LUMP – Norman Maine Play Publishing
THE LEGEND OF LITTLE LUMP  (Family Friendly Version) –  Big Dog Play Publishing

  • FARCE. Adapted from the novel Tales from Little Lump: Alien Season by Jeff Folschinsky. When crop circles appear, ominous noises are heard, and a government agent arrives disguised as a “fisherman,” the residents of Little Lump, TX, suspect something may be awry. The local radio station owner is convinced the government is trying to cover up nefarious alien activity in town. Luckily, Gertie, the owner of the Gas ‘n’ Sip gas station/diner, has been preparing for an apocalypse for years and has her own arsenal of rocket launchers she’s purchased on the Internet. Gertie’s determined not to go down without a fight, but what results is what you might call an “intergalactic whoopsie moment.” She shoots down an alien spaceship on a mission of peace and a terrified alien ambassador mistakenly takes refuge in the Gas ‘n’ Sip kitchen. Whooops! This hilarious action-packed farce requires only one set and features numerous opportunities to showcase physical humor.

LOW TECH – Amazon Kindle Version

  • TWO ACT COMEDY. After collapsing from exhaustion on High Tech International’s showcase stage, Allegra Marcos figures it’s time to simplify her life. But her boss, her friends, and her cell phone have a different plan. How will it all end? Only time,and this next light cue, might tell.Low Tech had its premiere production in Los Angeles at The Eclectic Company Theatre on April 12, 2013. The production was directed by Chelsea Sutton; Set Design by Jeff G. Rack; Costumes by Ken Patton; Lighting by Rebecca Bonebrake; Sound by Drew Dalzell. The Production Stage Manager was Jennifer Salas.Original Cast was: Mark Bate, Jason Britt, Megan Crockett, Michelle Danyn, Paul Duffy, Fuz Edwards, Dan Mandel, Amanda Smith, and Tyler Tanner.

TURKEY DAY – Norman Maine Play Publishing
TURKEY DAY (Family Friendly Version) –  Big Dog Play Publishing

  • HOLIDAY FARCE. It’s Thanksgiving, the birds are singing, and everything is perfect as Bruce and Buffy eagerly await the arrival of their relatives. But when the guests arrive, it doesn’t take long before several salacious family secrets are revealed. Bruce discovers that he is adopted and his parents have been divorced for 15 years, his brother-in-law is a backyard gringo bullfighter, his mother has been blackmailing his sister-in-law, his nephew may be his son, and that Uncle Charlie and Aunt Gertrude are actually the same person. Then things really heat up when the turkey starts on fire and half the house burns down, Bruce’s mother dies in the bathroom and her body disappears, and Buffy’s brother-in-law asks Bruce for $150,000 to purchase a lemur ranch. But it’s all good until pandemonium breaks out…

The Unsinkable Bismarck – One Act Play Depot

  • An absurdist look at the sinking of the German Battleship Bismarck. The play mostly centers around the crew of the Bismarck during their maiden voyage and their mission to seek out and destroy the British convoys in the North Atlantic. Sounds simple enough, but before they can achieve their glorious objective, they must first survive sailing around in circles through a fog bank, a tap dance number, an eccentric admiral, and getting military advice from a very fowl source. And of course, there is always the British Royal Navy, who is desperate to sink the German battleship. Of course, getting the order to sink the battleship is one thing. They soon find that carrying out that order is an adventure in itself.

Rendezvous and Revelation – One Act Play Depot

  • (Part of the one act play collection found in IN A VACUUM) Herbert is finding out that some rendezvous are more pleasant than others. Will Kayla’s alarming news change his life for the better or worse?

Kisses From Abroad – One Act Play Depot

  • (Part of the one act play collection found in Voluntary Madness) A father and son end up in a European jail discussing their past and the absurd turn of events that led them to their current predicament.

A Pill By Any Other Names Is The Wrong Dosage – One Act Play Depot

  • (Part of the one act play collection found in Hell Is Other People) A man comes home to find that his wife is missing, his father is acting strangely, and he has gained a son while he was gone. The person that said “Coming home is always an adventure,” was probably from this family.

The Singing Bone – JAC Play Publishing

  • (Part of the one act play collection found in The Real Stories of the Brothers Grimm) Brother against brother, a tale of want and greed, and how the righteous rise above wrong-doing every time.
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