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Enter If You Dare



Death and Other Fun Activities is Available

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Death and Other Fun Activities, a humorous book of monologues by Myself and Mark Bate is available for purchase.

A psychic medium with performance issues, a priest with questionable work ethics, and a vengeful traffic reporter are just a few of the crazy characters that you will run across in this crazy collection of our hilarious monologues.


The Jolly Neighbors

February 21, 2018 Leave a comment

The Jolly Neighbors have their Christmas Lights still up because #$@% you, that’s why!


Mythical Dr. Seuss: A Writing Challenge — Eclectic Voices

February 20, 2018 Leave a comment

This month our writers were challenged – children’s book style. They had to take a Greek or Norse myth and rewrite it in the form of Dr. Seuss. Read below for what came of it! Thanks to writer Mark Bate for supplying the challenge. ____________________________________________ Go Sisyphus, Go! By Jeff Folschinsky My name is Sisyphus, […]

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WhiskeyClause Thought I Was A Good Boy This Year.

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