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Best Comedy Horror Award


Die Laughing Film Festival and Screenplay Competition


Enter to Win a Free Copy of Death and Other Fun Activities

April 26, 2018 Leave a comment


Enter for a chance to win a free copy of Mark Bate and Jeff Folschinsky’s comedic monologue book “Death and Other Fun Activities.”


Death and Other Fun Activities is Available

March 23, 2018 Leave a comment


Death and Other Fun Activities, a humorous book of monologues by Myself and Mark Bate is available for purchase.

A psychic medium with performance issues, a priest with questionable work ethics, and a vengeful traffic reporter are just a few of the crazy characters that you will run across in this crazy collection of our hilarious monologues.


Mythical Dr. Seuss: A Writing Challenge — Eclectic Voices

February 20, 2018 Leave a comment

This month our writers were challenged – children’s book style. They had to take a Greek or Norse myth and rewrite it in the form of Dr. Seuss. Read below for what came of it! Thanks to writer Mark Bate for supplying the challenge. ____________________________________________ Go Sisyphus, Go! By Jeff Folschinsky My name is Sisyphus, […]

via Mythical Dr. Seuss: A Writing Challenge — Eclectic Voices

Hiking to The Echo Mountain House and Lowe Railway

January 7, 2018 Leave a comment

Excited to find the beginning of the Sam Merrill Trailhead, Tyler starts us on our journey to find the trail to the ruins of the Echo Mountain House and Lowe Railway, located in Alta Dena California.


If we wern’t sure before, we sure are now. We found the trail.


And off we go! Only three miles to the top!


Three miles to the top doesn’t sound like a big deal. But the trail is at a constaint incline. It is what Tyler calls a “Pay For It Now, not Later” Trail, so we need a few rest breaks


Breaks over. Lets get a move on.


The trails were pretty narrow so you had to be careful when passing oncoming hikers


We’re almost there, just a little further.


Tyler: Hey, if we walk just an additional two miles, we can see inspiration point. Don’t you want to be inspired.
Jeff: No. Not for two additional miles. 


We made it! We made it!


The first stop at the Echo Mountian House and Lowe Railway was the ruins of the Casino and Tennis court. Now turned into a picnic area


Tyler being the good hiking master that he is discovered the stairs down to the ruins of the Casino and Tennis court.


The ruins of the Echo Mountain House Casino area.


Tyler has found the next area, the Lowe Railway.


The Mount Lowe Railway a railway that went up the side of Echo Mountain to bring guest to the hotel.


Some pictures on what the railway used to look like.


A rusted out bottom of one of the old railway cars.


The three rail tracks that the railway cars would use to reach their destination at the top of Echo Mountain.


Old bases that would hold the track up, can still be seen on the side of the mountain.


Old gears litter the ground around the old railway.


Tyler admiring one of the old giant railway gears laying on the ground. He doens’t know if it’s art, but he thinks that he likes it.


Historical marker commemorating the people who built the Echo Mountain House and Lowe Railway.


Tyler guilding us to the ruins of the Echo Mountian House. Which was destroyed when a kitchen fire broke out and couldn’t be contained.


Foundation of the Echo Mountain House.


Pieces of the structure stick out of the ground. Providing a rough outline of what the structure used to look like. 


More pieces of the structure sticking out of the ground.


A pit that looks like it was a water collection area or possibly a pool for the Echo Mountain House.


Tyler just taking it all in.


Echo phone that you can use to call out to the mountains and see how many times you can get your voice to echo.


Tyler decided to give the Echo Phone a try.


Echo Mountain House and the Sam Merrill trail is a favorite destination for hiking groups around the Los Angeles California area.


Tyler getting us ready to the hike back down the hill. Which was more pleasent than the trip up it.


But first Tyler is going to take in the view one last time.


And it is a marvelous view from Echo Mountain House. You can see all of Alta Dena, Pasadena, and off in the distance you can even see Downtown Los Angeles.


Tyler Weight Lifter

Before we leave though, Tyler has decided to show this hike who’s in charge. And with that I bid you farewell. 


Short & Sweet Ghost Stories

October 31, 2017 Leave a comment

Eclectic Voices

Some quick and spooky ghost stories from our Eclectic Voices Writers. Happy Halloween!

by Jeff Folschinsky 

I stay, because they don’t know the danger. I stay, because if I don’t they’ll die. They think they’re alone, but they’re not. I’m here, so the rest don’t dare come. I feel them though, just on the outside looking in. I feel their hungry eyes lusting after them.

They dare not enter though. This place is mine, and they know it. My piece of heaven, my piece of hell, my piece of death, and I am god here. Here I make the rules. So I stay, so that they will be safe. I stay, so no other will die.

by Laura Lee Bahr

That voice in your head.

It’s not yours.

There’s a ghost in the machine.

You are the machine.

Who is the ghost?

Ask yourself,

Who thought…

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Best of… One Act Play Depot

September 28, 2017 Leave a comment

My first play that I every had published back in 2002 “A Pill By Any Other Name is the Wrong Dosage.” Is part of the publisher, One Act Play Depot’s Best Of Volume One collection. A 776 page book, with 21 One Act Plays, that I honored to be part of.